Doggie Olympics Bring Unexpected Excitement at Long Beach

Would you enter your dog in a contest called “Peanut Butter Lick”? Or the “Rip Van Winkle Sleepoff”? Or the “Fill a Fuller Brush — Best Shedder”? We discovered a fund raising event for the Long Beach Humane Society called the Doggie Olympics, and when Mary and Nora saw the fun nature of the classes, well, they couldn’t resist. We had a blast and Sam and Snoop won a couple of medals! All the dogs were very well behaved (the organizers did not provide people food, so there weren’t any fights over food — this was a good idea and it worked).

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This basset hound easily won the gold medal in the Rip Van Winkle Sleepoff. Didn’t move even an ear for over 60 seconds.


Perdita is a 5-month-old Great Dane. She was very curious and had to meet everyone. Do you remember “Perdita” from 101 Dalmations? Perdita’s person said she is “passing” as a dalmation.


The first competition that Nora entered with Snoop was the Peanut Butter Lick. Handler had to steady a spoon in their mouth while their dog licked peanut butter from it. We think Snoop was a little intimidated by the crowd. She carefully and daintily licked every morsel of the peanut butter off the spoon. There were other dogs who were much more aggressive with their licking! However, Nora and Snoop did win a gold medal in the “Fill a Fuller Brush” shedding contest. Each participant had 60 seconds to brush and collect their dog’s hair and put it in a bag. The one with the greatest volume was the winner. Now you might not think Snoop would have much hair to shed, but she’s part Shar-Pei and has a big undercoat. Anyway, her bag of hair had twice as much as any other participant’s. So they won!


This is the dog we all thought would win the “Who’s Your Daddy?” Contest for the most interesting mixed breed. He came in third. The winner was half Dachshund and half German Shepherd.


Well, I don’t really need to say anything about this picture, do I? It’s a classic “Like dog, like owner” situation.


Amidst all the silliness and whimsy, there was an agility course. Well, it had its bit of whimsy since there were three hula hoops set up as a tunnel and both handler and dog had to go thru them. Sam and Mary used to compete in these types of events, so they gave it a try. They did really well, but didn’t place (I’m still not sure why because I thought their time was pretty good). This photo shows Sam’s delight (he really looks like he’s smiling). They did enter the obedience class, however, and took home a silver medal!


The program said “Furthest-handlers must provide their own frizbee.” Actually, the organizers provided the frizbee. The rules didn’t say the dog had to “catch” the frizbee, or that the dog had to bring it back. But the dog who won did both of those things. I love this photo because it has captured both Mary and Sam’s focus and itensity.


Happy dogs, happy people, Mary, Nora, Sam and Snoop showing off their medals on the Doggie Olympics awards podium. It was a great day, a very fun event!

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